Portrait art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The living room wall of my grandparent's house in Vermont is covered with oil paintings of my father's family. From my grandparents in their early thirties, to my uncles and aunts as pre-teens, all sitting up straight in their large gold frames. Over the years, we have marveled at my grandmother's movie star looks, and laughed over my brother's uncanny resemblance to the painted seven-year-old version of my dad.

With my portraits, I hope to preserve this lovely tradition, but with an updated, contemporary look. Each piece is painstakingly drawn by hand, then printed on thick, archival paper, and finally placed in a gorgeous wooden frame. 

I aim to provide you with a timeless keepsake, of the highest quality, that will look wonderful--for years to come-- in any modern home.