How Does this Work?

•After you purchase the portrait and frame of your choice, (thank you!) I’ll contact you by email and ask that you send me one, or several, photos of the subject.

•Once I’ve received your photos and we’ve touched base on the portrait particulars, I’ll get started sketching it out in pencil. Then I’ll ink it.

•When I have a finished inked piece, I’ll email you a low resolution image of the final portrait for you to look over. If you have any changes or tweaks I’ll make those, and then resend the updated image for you to approve of. (If the image needs more changing, additional fees may be applied.)

Note: The faster you respond with your changes and/or approval, the more quickly I can finish your portrait. The portrait will NOT be printed and framed without your approval, so don’t forget to email me back!

•When you’re happy with your portrait it’s sent out for printing and framing! It will soon be on it’s way to you.

Ordering Notes

Tips on Selecting Photos:

•Please send up to three clear photographs of the subject. The larger the better.

•This may sound obvious, but remember I don’t know the subjects and so will be basing the portrait on the picture(s).  I want to capture their likeness as best I can, so try not to choose photos that don’t really look like them, or are from a funny angle. Eg “Gosh his nose looks big!” or “She never wears her hair like that...” You get the idea!

•My portraits tend to be close-cropped to the face and upper body so don’t worry about the background in the photo.  

•If you’d like the subject to be wearing something specific, or have a certain hair style, etc, just let me know. In those cases, it helps to provide an additional photo with the clothing/ hair style/ etc mentioned, just so I can use it as a reference.

Conversely, if you have the perfect photo, but they’re wearing a hat (etc) that you’d prefer not be in the portrait, that’s fine as well! Just send me a picture highlighting their hat-less head/hair.

Additional Copies:

If you would like additional copies of the portrait, please let me know. Additional framed copies are $85 and are available for purchase directly through me, not through my shop at this time. Perfect for gifts, just let me know your frame selection and the shipping address if it differs.