Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer the printed portraits without frames?
Right now, officially, no. But contact me and we can figure something out.

Can I get my portrait in a different size?
Probably! Contact me and we’ll figure out sizing, and then the pricing.

Would you do a custom portrait of my family? (ie more than just two people?)
Of course! Contact me here with the details, and we’ll figure out the price, and sizing-- should you need a larger size.

Will you do a portrait of my pet?
Will I? Yes! Yes, I definitely will. I am a bonafide animal lover and currently have three animal family members: two brother-by-another-mother cats, and their new sister, an eight(ish) year old husky rescue. I would LOVE to draw your pet!

Do you offer gift wrapping?
Unfortunately, I don’t right now. I am trying to figure out a solution that works for me and makes sense for you!

I need my portrait super fast! Is that possible?
Maybe. Let me know what the situation is and I’ll see what I can do. Additional fees may be applied.

I don’t like my portrait, can I return it?
First of all: gasp! (and excuse me while I pull the dagger out of my little artist heart.) Now, unfortunately, as this is a custom order, and you approved of the finished image, I can’t accept returns, or refunds. However, I hate the idea of a customer being unhappy with my work. Let me know what the problem is and hopefully we can work it out.

Of course if the portrait arrives damaged, another one will be shipped immediately. I just ask that you just please let me know about it within 4 days of receiving the portrait. And if you could send a picture of the damage that would be extra helpful.

Can I get more information on the frames?
The black and pine frames are 11 x 14”, matted with a 9.75 x 7.75” image. Your portrait is printed on lustre, acid free, archival paper made using Green-E certified wind-generated electricity.

The bamboo panels are ¾ inch thick and come with a keyhole slot for easy hanging. They are made in the US, using sustainably grown and harvested, no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) plywood. Your portrait is printed on semi-gloss, heavy weight,  archival paper, and then bonded to the bamboo using a Transparent PH neutral adhesive that protects the image from the natural acids in the wood.

Bamboo Panel Care:  The adhesives and prints will stand up to heat and moisture very well, (ie should be fine in a well ventilated bathroom,) however avoid hanging in a overly damp environment or direct sunlight.
Use care when dusting-- Dust with a  dry lint free cloth like the ones used to clean computer monitors and eye glasses.
Do not try to wipe moisture off it as that can damage the print. Instead leave it to dry naturally.