Hi There, I’m Gaia Cornwall– illustrator, surface designer, portrait artist, and picture book writer living in Providence, RI. I work at home with my brilliant (seriously folks,) husband, and our annoying menagerie of adorable animals which currently includes two brothers-from-another-mother cats, and their new(ish) sister, a husky rescue. 

After graduating from Pratt Institute, I worked on a variety of projects {–including producing a film festival, animating cartoons for network television and film, and working on a documentary–} that gradually led me back to one of my first loves: illustration. My work has been featured online, in interactive games, on assorted products, in films, as murals, and in various forms of print.

My hand drawn images tend to be realistically rendered, but with a whimsical touch, often employing patterns and botanical elements. I especially love projects that feature mischievous children.

Take a look at my other work at GaiaCornwall.com